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A type of disease wherein a man, a woman or whatever that person identifies as, swell and bleed if the person he requested nudes from denies him. Whoever has Anudeispedia must be given thy nudes, and your soul shall be healed and your life will be prosperous.
"Hey, I got anudeispedia. Please send me nudes"

If she gave him nudes.
"Hey, I have anudeispedia. Please send me nudes."
by zaynisbae May 29, 2017
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A rare disease wherein a person dies if they are unable to see someone's nudes. Their skin turns red and will slowly puke blood, and that will be their death.
Guy: It's not a joke ok. It's real disease! It's called anudeispedia. Don't search on google, you won't find it.
Girl: What happens if I don't send nudes?
Guy: I'll die!!!
by clee-beige July 12, 2017
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A rare disease caused specifically to south asians when one has not seen a picture of fresh naked girl for years. If one hasnt seen a fresh naked girl's photo s\he will surely die.
Sympotoms :- Skin turns red and pukes blood slowly and die.
Plzz, sho me you bobs and vagene or I'll die from "Anudeispedia".
by vagene riider November 21, 2017
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Very rare disease.
Don't search or tell.

Can't be found online but this site and PewDiePie.
male: lts rare disease. | need to see
fresh girls without dress to be
alive. I want to see you
without dress or I will die
female:Hahahahaha that's so funny.
What's it called?
male: Its no joke ok. Real disease. lts
called Anudeispedia you can't
find on google dont search
female: What happens if | don't send you
male: My skin turn red and | will
slowly puke blood and die.
Just send bitch
by thotslayer69卍 March 08, 2018
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A rare disease that only occurs to few people whereby they must view particular photos to feel good again.
I have anudeispedia don't search it on google.
by The man the mith the ledge end January 22, 2018
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