To be completely overwhelmed by your sex drive so much so that you cannot focus or do anything else until mastubation is complete. Often times young males may experience ants in pants up to 3 times consecutively.

Also known as Anty Panties.
Mum: Excuse me son, how about you do some study! Your exams are soon!

Hutz: Stfu im batting.

Mum: Sounds like someone has a case of ants in pants

by omg i am wtf leet November 11, 2007
The ant's pants appears to be an Australian saying that refers to someone or something that is outstanding or exceedingly good.
You guys are the ant's pants, I am honored to have you as my friends.
by Friday Night Saturday Morning September 26, 2015
someone who has a bug in there pubes like crabs.
jessica is really hot" "yeah but i heard shes got ants in the pants.
by stackattack January 12, 2011
To be nervous or anxious or jumpy; to be unable to sit still.

If you had 'ants' (small insects) in your 'pants' (clothing) you would probably feel like jumping around.

Synonym: antsy
1) The children had ants in their pants, so we took them outside for some exercise.

2) Would you please stop tapping your foot?! You must have ants in your pants!
by VAKI5 May 10, 2005
Ante Pante is a dangerous breed of homo sapien who will throw themselves on the ground and flop around like a fish.
by AgnesoBanana November 19, 2018
Ante Pante is someone who likes to take long walks. This person will also like to flop around on the ground like a fish.
OH NO a Ante Pante is nearby!
by AgnesoBanana November 19, 2018