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The rearing of human beings

noun: anthropoculture

the science or practice of human child rearing, including meeting the physical and behavioral needs for the growing of physical and behavioral healthy adults for the next generation.

synonyms: childrearing, nurturing, childcare, child fostering , child husbandry, child management,

Used as a category in\index\3_observe\3-2\3-2-14_anthropoculture.htm
The poor anthropoculture of Chauchesku 's Socialist Republic of Romania's orphanages led to high rates of autism and self destructive behavior in the future of those subject to the poor care.

Root: anthropo- combining form prefix: anthropo- human; of a human being.

Root: culture- The breeding and cultivation

β€’relating to humankind.
by The Way The Truth And The Life January 17, 2016
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