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An absolutely wonderful person who is so selfless. She will love you unconditionally and put up with your flaws. She is never self seeking, in fact she fears she is too selfiah when she shows no ounce of selfishness whatsoever. She will randomly compliment you and make all your days bright. She will always, always want to build a snowman. She thinks her voice is annoying but it in fact it is amazing and sounds like home in all of its adorable tones and characteriatics. She will smile and melt your soul. Her bravery is unmatched. She doesn't believe in labels and she has faith in love. She is a world of beauty and her thoughts are her crowing glory. She is always enough, satisfying, and I have infinite tenderness for her.
I love her so much. She is such an ansleigh.
by savannahsmiles May 17, 2014
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An absolutely amazing person who is the greatest friend you could ever have. She loves to be sarcastic but always makes sure you know that she is. She listens to your stories and complaints, but doesn't care that you do. She is just such a great friend and will always be there to help you. She hates it when others put themselves down and wants everyone to feel loved. She most likely has an amazing family. She always wants to talk and loves to have late night conversations. She puts others before herself. She most likely will say that she is either "hungry", "bored", or "tired" all the time, but you get used to it. SHE IS JUST SO GREAT!!!
I dedicate this to my best friend Ansleigh.
by Suchaweirdeo June 11, 2014
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a gay brunette girl with a unibrow and accent and ugly
tom:wow,look at that girl shes such an ansleigh!

jack:your right..
by p.s.bdw September 13, 2008
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