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The feeling of being next in line for any event, and the excitement of feeling next in line for said event makes you feel the need to go to the bathroom.

A play on the word anticipation; anpissitation.
My girlfriend was next in line to get her face painted, and was suddenly struck by the gravity of the event and felt a strong urge of anpissitation. She left the line to go relieve herself.
by nitelotion June 28, 2011
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selfish idiots in my neighborhood who think that they don't need to wear a mask because the rest of us do
A maskhole jogged right past me in the park today
by Bethinslope May 11, 2020
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An"piss"itation: that feeling you have, after having to take a leak, when you reach the toilet and as you are starting to undo your pants and you can feel the piss coming out any second whether you are ready or not.
"Man I had the worst anpissitation and now I need me some fresh pants. Hahahahaha
by Pekster December 12, 2015
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