Anouk has a french or belgium origin. Also means ice bear.

It is usually a girl with soft, clean skin and a kind, pure personality.
She finds it difficult to fall in love with people and has a hard time trusting them. Usually a very introverted person.

Can be successful if she dares to come out of her comfort zone.
Guy: Bro, My girlfriend is super sweet and caring.
Friend: Man, she seems like a total Anouk. Bro you lucky.
Guy: thanks fam.
by dobythehouseelf January 02, 2017
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a nouk is a type of running bird that feeds on catterpillars
nouks are nocturnal and live in rose beds
nouks are as big as the average mans hand and mate only in summer
the summer of love they call it
'oh look, there is a nouk in that rose bed over there, aren't they peng
by daboxxxx June 23, 2013
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Anouk is of Dutch origin meaning ‘to flow like the diarrhea of a buffalo’. Not to be confused with ‘a Gook’, which is a derogatory term used against Koreans.

This name is usually reserved for a princess due to the history and ties with the British monarchy. However, more and more Dutch females (sometimes male) are being named Anouk, and what was once a sacred name has now lost its value.
Billy: Hey Anouk!
Korean Guy: Did you just call me a gook?!?!
Billy: It was just a prank bro!

Korean Guy: ..... that was HIIIIILARIOUS, Billy san! * walks away and mutters* mother fucker...
by Eric Shin 420 December 06, 2016
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