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is a very cool and chill girl that everyone loves. She has many guy friends and usually doesn't hang out with girls. Typically she is a blonde but she isn't your stereotypical stupid blonde. People think she's a slut when really that might not be true at all she is amazing. Aniston has big thighs and a pretty face. She's extremely flirty and has multiple guys wrapped around her finger. She's also a very great friend! she is one of the most beautiful and kind girls you will ever meet, if your are lucky enough to be her friend then she will be there for you in the long run, she is just all around perfect!
Aniston is such a princess!
Aniston is the most perfect girl you'll ever meet!
by princess220 October 17, 2014
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An amazing person with three dogs, particularly cavs. Typically has brown hair and blue eyes. Possibly an amateur cheerleader. Very short and has no butt. She's a very nice person, but sits with idiots at lunch so who can blame her.
"Oh look, it's that weird girl"
"What the dang heck, Aniston?"
by Awesome nugget November 14, 2017
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a nipple visible through the clothes. techniques to aquire desirable erection of nipples may vary from pinching to ice rubbing by a professional assistant. Not to confuse with frozen nipples wich may look the same underneath all your grandma's coats but differ with the intention of make them visible so it looks awesome as the nipples of the girl who made this into a thing.
oh my gosh, this blouse would look make my anistons look great
nice anistons ma'am
excuse me, my anistons are down here
by tamerantong July 20, 2016
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A bitch ass hoe who is usually flat in chest and ass and will fuck anybody who will let her.
God, Aniston is such a bitch.
by LilDickClique June 11, 2018
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