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a flamboyant, seemingly homosexual man-creature, with the first name of something very much like a last name and uncommon,like Salyer, who has curly auburn hair and a good sexual appetite. He hunts pedophiles and rapists, but also preys on men who resemble one, (see rape-stache).He is the secret weapon against pedophiles going after your little 13 year old sister at timeshare resorts. His signature attire is a leopard print thong, hence his name. He has white, hairy legs. He WILL break in your room and attempt to convince you that he will sexually assualt you. If you continue to be a pedophile, he will take action. He has a team of animal men, many who also wear thongs and have hairy legs. Watch out for these highly dangerous creatures. Also, beware of his mating call. His female counterpart is the mexican man-woman maid, the Cody. (S)he will attempt to convince you she is room service, but this is how her and the animal man trap you. Or, better yet, do not be a pedophile.
-\\\"I hear you were creeping on Linda. Isn\\\'t she 14?

\\\"Your point?\\\"

-\\\"DUDE you are 26! The animal man is gonna get you\\\"
by funkyicing May 17, 2011
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