One who psychotically behaves as if everything is abuse or mistreatment of animals, defending them from people for little to no reason and often going to extremes in doing so; anifiscative
Some animal-lover screamed "CALL THE POLICE" when she found out that I hadn't given my dog a bath for a couple weeks.

"NEGLECT! MOVE OUT OF MY HOUSE," my animal-loving mom hollered at me when I told her I had left our bird home alone for a couple hours.

When some animal-lover on Yahoo Answers informed me that she was going to burn down my house and key my car if I ever yelled at my cat again, I just laughed my ass off.

The animal-lover next door reported us to Animal Control for leaving our miniature shnauzer outside for the evening in 60 degree weather, claiming it was much too hot for our dog.

I was accused of being an animal-lover when I told my baby sister that she should give the Turtle to a family who loves it and to go fuck herself because she didn't play with it for 2 days.
by GiaMcCornville April 26, 2008
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A club on Stardoll full of perverted dumb bitches. They have nothing else to do except create "drama" with other lowlifes who have nothing better to do. They like to "invade" other clubs and don't pay any attention to people that aren't "well known". Pretend that they have friends by making friends with people in the club that they'll never meet in real life. They think they're being clever/funny when they talk about things like blue waffle and sex when the really just look like perverted dipshits. If I had to sum of this shit bag of a place I'd say that it's just a bunch of stupid, hormonal idiots who never get off their periods.
1. Heard of animal-lovers before?

2. Yeah, it's just dumb cunts that think they're popular and cool but they aren't.
by your mom's secret wifey June 25, 2010
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A obsessive anime watcher usally named vincent or grant. Watches lots of hentai and speaks about anime ever time they open there mouth. They run like naruto and speak japanese. They also get roasted and bullied alot.
Oh look at that guy over there hes such a anime lover.
by Nedaij May 20, 2018
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A type of person mostly a female who enjoys anime a bit too much is called a Purebreed Anime-Lover they love anime since they were born.
Girl: Hey Babe, I think I'm a Purebreed Anime-Lover.
Guy: Oh well stay thirsty my friend :)
by JustaCookie July 23, 2016
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