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A classification of girls that do not like anal sex, which was found out by the following:

In midst doggy-style sex, if the man pulls out and quickly goes for anal sex, and pumps away very fast, and instead of waiting for the classic angry dolphin, and the girl utters loudly "NO-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O...." in a goat voice, then the girl is classified as an angry goat, telling the guy that she is not a fan of anal sex.
"So we were going at it doggy last night, and I wanted to know if she was a fan of butt sex, so I go for it...and...well, lets just say shes an angry goat."
by Slammoth October 27, 2009
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while giving a woman oral sex, you get a bad taste in your mouth. you become enraged, and shove your whole head up her ass.
RAWR, ima give you an angry goat bitch.
you taste terrible!!
by friskyblumpkinxxx February 14, 2010
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