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angel dust may NOW mean powdered cocaine but it USED to mean PCP phencyclidene hydrocloride which is a legitimate amimal tranqualizer. A central nervous system depressant and mild hallucinogen in humans, regular use can be detrimental in so many ways, I dont know where to start. It is psychogically addictive to susceptible people, but not physically addicting. Usually seen as an off-white, low quality powdery crystal with a distinctive solvent odor, its purity varied with each batch as the stuff used to step on it, ie dilute it to increase profit margins were anything but quality controlled. When rolled into a joint and smoked, the result is called a KJ.
Commonly, PCP is passed off as THC or T tetrahydracannabinol, the actice ingredients (mainly the delta 6,9 and 12 isomers) in marijuana smoke thats get you high on the street, as the real stuff is basically unheard of. PCP was obtained from burglaries of animal clinics or simple home synthesis, long before anybody began making bathtub crank, ie crystal, crystal meth or methamphetamine, a truly horrible drug which should never even be experimented with by anyone at any time.
Synthesis of real pharmaceutical quality research THC takes lots of expensive equipment and at least 20 hours of college chem classes level knowledge and proper technique to make properly.
Like the REAL orange sunshine or Mr Natural LSD sold in San Fran in the late 60's, ANYBODY trying to sell you THC is either a liar or a research assistant. Few of the later exist so dont be fooled. Its effect can only be approximated by likening to US Govt grown or other extremely high quality sensemillian, ie seedless marijuana experieced as an intense, clean, slightly dreamy high with none of the effects of having to risk regular bouts of smoke inhalation.
PCP, ie angel dust while not as bad as crack cocaine use or crystal meth it IS a truly awful deal. And a pretty rotten way to spend a Sunday, so dont experiment with it lightly.
dude 1: we're goin to SLAYER dude, lets angle dust it up! i am SSSOOOO stoopid, i cant spell angel correctly!
dude 2: i got some "T", but is really PCP, so i'll turn ya on.
dude 1 (brain-dead) ok, lets chuck it up!
dude 3(redneck): just say NO to drugs!!
dude 1: get lost you nancy reagan wannbe.
dude 2" we may be a little dumb, but dont preach to us while you smoke cigs and crack, get slobbering drunk and have sex with your cousin asshole!
by cosmo kid February 09, 2006
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Yo homes over here.!!.............Yeah what you want?............Got your fix right here.......O really........What you got for me?.............Got some ANGLE DUST for your sorry druged up azz.
by FMX DUDE February 08, 2006
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