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Opposite of a devil's three-way. When God decides to send you two angles from heaven that you can bang all night, meaning two girls on one guy.
Jon: Yo man, I had Laura and Emma last night, that was awesom!
Jan: Damn, I wish I could have a angel's three-way with those two.
by JonJanLaura November 27, 2010
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The opposite of a Devils Threeway (2 men).

Two women in a threeway with one man. Also sometimes referred to as a 'Love Sandwich" though in my opinion that sounds super gay, which an angel's threeway is most definitely not.
Tom: Dude, hooked up with Katie and Sandra last night.
Josh: Aww hell yeah dude, an angel's three-way with those two babes must have been heavenly.
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by Most Independent Apache January 11, 2017
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