The sexual and romantic attraction to masculine people. Either males, masculine non-binary people and / or masculine females
They used to identity as bisexual, but recently they found out theyre androsexual.
by leosfroggychair September 23, 2020
A term used to describe people who feel romantic or sexual attraction to men, males, or masculinity, regardless of the person’s anatomy or birth-assigned sex.
“What sexuality did you say you were again?”
“I’m androsexual. It means I’m attracted to masculine people, whether their birth sex is male or not.”
That’s right, thank you!”
by ‘líto June 1, 2021
Androsexual is the sexuality where you are attracted to masculine characters. They don't have to be male, but they have to represent a male. Many people think being andro is being straight (if your female) but it is not. Andros can like boys, girls, nonbinary's, genderfluid, etc.
Shawn: She likes guys but she's dating a girl.
Ariana: Do you know if she's androsexual?
Shawn: What's that??
Ariana: Attraction to masculinity.
Shawn: Oh..
by That_b_Mia September 22, 2020
1. Anyone who has sexual leanings towards males.

From the greek 'andros' meaning "man", and the latin 'sexualis' meaning "relating to sex"

The distinction androsexual/gynosexual can be contrasted with distinction heterosexual/homosexual. Rather than refering to the relative gender of the object of attracting (other/same), it refers to it directly (male/female).

One might consider the case where one undergoes a sexchange; if the object of attraction doesn't change, then the orientation in terms of hetero-/homosexual does change, which is somewhat peculiar.

2. Anyone who has sexual leanings toward androgynes.

Referring to anyone who has a sexual preference toward anyone who may class themselves as non-gendered, genderneutral, agendered, between genders, intergendered, bigendered,"pangender' or genderfluid.

This is in a sense similar bisexuality.
1. John, as it turned out, wasn't a homosexual; after his sexchange he still liked men, ergo he was an androsexual.

2. John, who prefered to be known as Josephine and thought of himself as bigender due to his body, had an androsexual girlfriend who prefered feminine men.
by Wolnixer January 4, 2010
A person being of the male hormome that produces copious amount of hot, volatile, and even explosive ejaculate. When deposited into the female it both burns her from the inside out and launches her on a ballistic projectile path thrusting off of the depositers groin.
Oh dang!!! Look at that girl fly, she must've just been with an androsexual thermite.
by Snackeoh March 21, 2018