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having an obsession with sticking skittles up your rectum.
Michael Bolton has analexia, we've been trying to cure his sick habits for years now...
by Allison&Maria November 10, 2011
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Analexia is a minor disability in thought processing in which the subject retains less than full memory or comprehension of written material, as well as, less frequently, verbally expressed words, especially names and sometimes numbers. The disability is in many instances minor and undiagnosed, and more often occurs in subjects of higher than normal intelligence. It is a separate condition from Dyslexia, although it is often co-morbid with it or is given an alternate diagnosis.

Subjects whose disability is minor usually compensate for it through adapting their behavior or circumstance, such as by rereading written material, using mnemonics, note-taking or avoiding situations in which the disability is encountered. It is usually medically untreatable and addressed through behavior modification with some success.
"Subject L. was thought to be of lower than normal intelligence, but was found to have analexia."
by O. Sacks and N Shulman December 12, 2010
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