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withdrawing your penis to quick from an anus so that it causes a sudden expulsion of anal fluids
i need to go to the drycleaner she had a bad anal blowout last night
by the friendly farmer November 26, 2010
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when an overly gay man named Jordan dresses retarded to go out with his BFFL (his only friend) and get shit on by older white males.
Jordan is a hot mess. He had an anal blowout last night....and liked it.

That old white man sure did BLAST Jordan's face with his anal blowout!
by Ling Ling and Marquita October 17, 2008
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The occasional accident that can occur during a fart, or after anal people penetration from a large cock as big or bigger than my dick, both resulting in a gapping of said ass hole causing fecal matter to just fall out under the power of gravity only all the way up 2 a full fecal explosion, both resulting in an "Anal Blowout"
1 - "Dude, as ass pounded this crazy slut so hard up the shitter, she was having an anal blowout as she ran for the bathroom screaming in pain bro !!! I definitely heard her fart, but I'm pretty sure she shit on the floor before she could make it onto the shitter. That ass hole was gaped wide after that day, but at least she cleaned the shit off the floor, so props for dat boy !!!
by Lilbeeboy December 17, 2016
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