Woman: 'Boss, i won't be in tomorrow, i'm afraid i've got anal blindness.'
Boss: 'Well, what's anal blindness'
Woman: 'I can't see my ass getting out of bed tomorrow.'
Anal blindness means you can't see your ass getting out of bed.
by RebekahT January 23, 2008
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Self confessed laziness
You ring your boss in the morning, explaining that you will not be into work that day as you are suffering from 'anal blindness'

"What's that?" replies the boss,

"Simple, I cant see myself getting my arse out of bed today."
by Hill Wanderer April 15, 2008
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The act of cheating on you significant other with a person who gives you anal sex and you become so blind that you quit your job, leave your wife, move in with your mom, and lose everything in a divorce.
Holy shit Mark is so anal blind, every tattoo he got looks like a retarded kid’s artwork.

Mark is so anal blind he thought his soon to be ex-wife was just going to take his offer for a divorce settlement.
by DirtyMike1972 March 4, 2022
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