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When having sex with a woman who is lactating, collect a glass of her breast milk. Place your woman on her back with her legs in the air and pour the breastmilk into her vaginal canal. Procede to FUCK her straight down as though you are churning butter. When the milk curdles, wipe it on a piece of toast and feed it to your partner.
"Dude, last night my chick was hungry, so I gave her an Amish Butter-Churner!"
by Kam!kaze February 09, 2007
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During anal sex, after finishing inside the other person, the male forcefully plunges his dick in and out of their asshole. This makes the semen extra sticky and makes a loud splooshing sound. The one performing the act must have a neck beard, preferably with connecting sideburns.
"He hit me with that Amish Butter Churner after he came in my ass last night, it was horrible to clean up."
by Amish Butter Churner June 09, 2018
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