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Amerifags feed on hamburgers and other red meats and are impossible to distinguish from potatoes.
"Why is that fat man eating a ball of raw meat?"

"Oh, he's just an amerifag."
by D. L. December 12, 2007
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An American who takes Bill O'Reilly seriously.

These faggits usually also listen to nonsense like rap, a genre of music which shouldn't even be called music.
Charles: "Have you heard? Someone in our crib watches the Bill O'Reilly show?"
John: "Yeh, they're our new amerifagneighbors who just moved in"
Amerifag: "BILL FTW!1! one eleven!"
by cokasdu March 22, 2009
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An american fag; Nicer way of calling someone gay,homosexual,queer
Person 1:Those guys are fags
Person 2:Don't be so cruel they're Amerifags
by RastaKiD October 11, 2010
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