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hindu goddess; wife of Lord Shiva;
A.K.A durga, parvati, shakti ;
mother of Lord Ganesha;
Ambica left with Lord Shiva to their heavenly abode Kailash.
by sharkyshiv March 24, 2010
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1.weird, smelly, throws fits by striking fists against the table

2.get a 300 on the math NJ ASK test and loves a guy named pawel and nick

3.thinks they are a yellow donkey but really is a hairy monkey/ape
Ambica is being an ambica.
by lalalalalalpeopopeo January 13, 2009
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1. thing that is weird, smelly, and who likes to throw fits by striking fists against table
2. thing who thinks one is a yellow donkey but really is a hairy monkey/ape.
3. thing who got 300 on math ask test, who loves nick and pawel.
4. thing who wants to have lots of sexual intercourse with nick and pawel.
5. thing who also wants to fart on teddy bears.
6. thing who makes watching gay porn her favorite hobby.
7. thing who is not known to be a girl without question.
8. thing who eats children for breakfast.
9. thing who is, on the inside, really a wrinkly grandfather.
10. thing who loves to play pranks by throwing pancakes on the ceiling.
11. thing who throws blueberries against the walls, pretending it's blue paint.
12. thing who jumps out windows pretending to fly, as would a male goose.
13. thing who plays darts, aiming at a poster of a naked frog.
14. OMG.
15. thing who kills spiders with a spoon so that she can eat them.
16. thing who stares at mr. grace's 2 pack and beer belly during class.
17. thing who waves at nutcrackers.
18. thing who gets aroused by staring at old printers.
19. thing who bites off the heads of ants.
20. thing who married a doll.
21. thing who had pinecone children with the doll.
22. thing who has sexual fantasies about michael jackson.
23. thing who, using a lightbulb, manages to daydream.
24. thing who dances in man thongs.
25. thing who poops out babies, rather than poop.
26. thing who draws on its head to grow hair.
27. thing who uses notebooks as wooden paddles.
28. thing who throws baseballs at snowmen.
29. thing who uses her blood as butter.
30. thing who has tried to quit smoking before.
31. thing who listens to car crashes as music.
32. thing who makes plastic toy noses.
33. thing who swings on trees.
34. thing who is a mailman.
35. thing who talks like a snail.
36. thing who uses paper bags as wings.
37. thing who uses a hat as a toilet bowl.
38. thing who washes oneself with coffee.
39. thing who drives a clown car.
40. OMG.
41. things who draws little people on her belly, and talks to them as if they were alive.
42. thing who plays its mom's rubber bands.
43. thing who plays with a light switch hoping it will turn on the fridge.
44. thing who eats tape.
45. thing who sings to trampolines.
46. thing who paints her feet.
47. thing who slams her head on keyboards.
48. thing who thinks a scarf is a jumprope.
49. thing who calls santa claus every night for a get together. *wink wink*
50. thing who sits on ledges, screaming at people walking down below.
ambica's an ambica, fo sho.
by ambicasweird 5000 January 22, 2009
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