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Amariyah is a walking goddess who blesses people with the grace of her presence. She is lovely, fun, and funny. She will be the person who is always the leader of the group. Her dating styles are picky, and she doesn't have a type. She navigates the world by learning and is non-comparative. She may be an undercover freak. Her friends find her hilarious. She doesn't give many chances. Amariyah may not talk alot at first. If you bring her out of her shell, she will be the most entertaining person to be with. Never keep secrets from this girl. As a companion, she will be kind and will love to cuddle. As a best friend, she will be crazy but a rock. Coming in contact with Amariyah is a blessing, so cherish it.
Amariyah is so funny! Her friends are so lucky to have her tutor them.
by DefinitionCentral May 19, 2018
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