1: Displaying persistent game.
2: Embodying the term Player
3: (Alternative: Derisive/Sarcastic) A man who is gamey (stinks)

Word derivation: A-Male-Game-Ous
A male with much game
"Yeah, that amalgamous cat's got a new girl every week."
"If I could only realize my dreams of being an amalgamous jerk maybe she would love me!"

Alternate: "Oh, honey, you're wayyyy to amalgamous for me! Maybe if you showered..."
by Vthepinkish November 9, 2010
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The Amalgam feeling is a feeling you get in your stomach that makes you feel a bit sick, this feeling commonly occurs when you are roleplaying, and are very invested in that roleplay.
Oh Kitty i have the amalgam feeling again
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A mixture or a blend of various features.
A platypus is an amalgam of a bizarre and unique features.
by TheOneYouDontSee January 21, 2022
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A type of creature that takes form of 2 or more monsters/humans by how much of power/determation they have, they have been in the lab of why they can't wake up, the syringe that was used made them worse than normal.
Corotomb:*slowly melting to the floor*
Coroate:*walked to her to end up forming with her*
Corotombate:*now a Amalgamate that is feared on monster kind*
by Blooarsinare/Corotombate April 7, 2021
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Another way of explaining the unexplainable, such as Entrepreneur.
Oh what an irony it is to be the contradiction know as the Amalgamator.
by Vin Nguyen May 23, 2017
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