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a women's fraternity filled with girls who just love to eat food, and yet remain remarkably skinny. Every boy knows to go out to eat with an A-Phi
Guy 1: Hey did you go out with that alpha phi?
Guy 2: Yeah man, I couldn't believe that she didn't order a salad or something. Then we got ice cream and she got a double scoop in a waffle cone. I couldn't even handle a kiddy cone.
by les.prob. August 19, 2012
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A sorority founded in 1872 that has extremely high standards of class for members. Because of this, Alpha Phis are usually beautiful, smart, sweet, and never are the girls falling over drunk at parties. These girls have high ideals for themselves and others.

Most Alpha Phi chapters are near (if not THE) top house at their respective colleges and often have the biggest pledge class of any other sororities.

In addition, Alpha Phis are typically loud, fun, and outgoing and therefore are active participants in the greek system as well as their philantropic events. They have a ton of spirit and are usually an exciting and fun house, especially for parties (they just won't be the ones puking in the bathroom all night).
Alpha Phi is top house on our campus, and all the girls are super fun and outgoing. They also win Greek Week, and almost all other awards.
by Greek12213 July 26, 2010
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Alpha Phi is a woman’s fraternity offering lifelong sisterhood providing encouragement, understanding, and opportunities to grow.
With members all over the world and collegiate and alumnae chapters throughout the United States and Canada, sisterhood in Alpha Phi knows no bounds
by PanhellenicPrincess April 04, 2004
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A sorority that has been hotter than you since 1872 in Syracuse. These lovely sisters are envied by absolutely everyone they meet ranging from the wannabe Kappa Kappa Gammas to the alcoholic Gamma Phi Betas. The girls chosen for this exclusive sorority are chosen by their sparkling personalities, pretty faces, outstanding grades, and banging bods. In summary, they are the best of the best, which explains why they win everything from Greek Week to the Pledge Classes they want. They love to party, HARD, but know how to keep it classy. Everyone wants them and everyone wants to be them.
Super Sexy Boy #1- Damn those girls are banging, I want a piece of that action!
Super Sexy Boy #2- Don't even try, those are Alpha Phis they are the hottest girls ever and WAAYYYYYYYYY out of your league.
by tellthetruthII May 14, 2010
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The best nationwide sorority, filled with girls who are classy, rich, and hot. Alpha Phis party, but also get exceptional grades and are admired by frat boys and sorority girls alike. If you date an Alpha Phi, raise your hand. If not, then raise your standards.
Guy #1: Dude, your new girlfriend is SMOKING HOT!
Guy #2: Thanks, man. but she's an ALPHA PHI. what do you expect?
by Lindsey Falsetto January 06, 2008
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1. refer to CUNT
2. refer to FOR FREE
My happy meal came with an alpha phi toy! No charge!

Female. My Alpha phi hurts from all the free sex i gave out last night.
by Sam Brooks February 04, 2008
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