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1. Week-long celebration of panhellenic fraternities and sororities at American universities and colleges. Students participate in a litany of meaningless events that the rest of the campus cares nothing about - capitulated by "skits" being preformed. Usually characterized by "frat row" or another Greek-populated area of campus resembling that of a frat boy and sorostitute minefield.
"Hey man, you hear the Sigmas are coming back!"
"No one fucking cares about Greek Week."
by Anon E. Mus April 21, 2010
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we all know the ancient Greeks liked a little anal sex here and there, so when a woman is on her period and must surrender her ass to her man for a week while the tampax are occupying the front, this is "Greek Week"
Karen picked up some K-Y at the drugstore whenever she bought tampons, because she knew Greek week was coming.
by sogroovy April 17, 2009
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