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Where Ally went to be by herself; where Andy could never reach her, no matter how much he tried or wanted.
"I'm in Ally-land. ..
What the hell is that? He mumbled to himself. ..
Can I come? He threw the bait...
No. She texted
Just a simple, heartbreaking No.
Sweet dreams, sleep tight..and all that. ..
Wanna see something? Appealing to her natural curiosity. ..
Sure, she said, slightly intrigued.
An inside joke, a play on words. ..
Silence again. ..
His heart beating loudly, waiting.
I like it. ..she eventually said.
Don't make me come back from Ally-land yet, she pleaded.
But WHAT is that? He still wondered. ..but merely responded, Ok hun...I'll let you reach out to me.
She was grateful. .
He was more confused than ever. .
The closer he got, the farther she moved. .like being able to see the finish line but never crossing it. ..
What was it about this wacky nymph that made his body tingle and his mind come apart at the seams?
It was the mystery, the challenge of the unattainable, the sparks, the exasperation, it was...
And he suddenly was Ally-land...
And he understood that he was doomed/destined to be but a visitor...he could not stay forever, no matter how wonderful she thought he was and how much she smiled at him. ..
She was the sole permanent resident in was her world to fly and flutter, to sleep and wander,to love and weep...
And in that realization he found both dismay and comfort...for he had helped create that magical land of which he was now only a guest..."
by Fuzzypanda July 08, 2014
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