A phrase commonly used by sex starved terrorists meaning " Women and children first, men and goats later if we have time"
Durk Durk Allah

dude you have issues


by COMMANDER CUNTPUNT February 24, 2017
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When Allah is on the court, he don't mess around. Allah is such a ballah sum times.
guy 1: yoooo Allah shoot shoot!
Allah: makes an awesome score
by bruhp02 March 2, 2021
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What nigga muslims say before commiting a mass warcrime in the balkans
allah is my nigga but he ain't yo nigga fool taste my fucking bullets bitch
by Adolfini October 18, 2020
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Something a black muslim says before emptying a balkan hospital
Allah is my nigga but he ain't yo nigga nigga get on YO FUCKING KNEES BITCH BEFORE I EMPTY MY AK INTO YO ASS
by Adolfini October 18, 2020
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Big chungus allah is an insult used to show stupidity of ones actions or when someone says something very stupid or distasteful.
"Stop being such a big chungus allah" or "You're being such a big chungus allah"
by jwdinkkijwjbwd March 6, 2022
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A magical cat that is friends with The_Norway Blogg
The best serverside is allah cat gaming serverside
by norwayblogg July 14, 2021
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allah give mod is a very cool person. he is so sexy and is your dictator in secret. he created the universe itself and will lead this universe to salvation
he is also cool
by allah give mod November 23, 2020
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