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A very talented person. Love to help people in need. Easy to get mad of something.
He always alfiq when people in need
by SanulPian April 23, 2018
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Alfiq's are usually seen as unapproachable, scary and intimidating as they tend to put up a solid front so that nobody can read him easily. This is because as you learn about an Alfiq's personality, he can leave you in shock with his unfiltered mouth but with no bad intentions. He can be extremely funny and lame at the same time. Friends of Alfiq's secretly admires and lust over him as he has an extremely charming smile and sexy body with an undying energy. He is the opposite of what he looks on the outside, kind and patient. Tends to proclaim his superiorness to the ones close to him. Very self absorbed but can also be very compromising.
Judy: "People were afraid of him in class but now everybody is close to him"
Me: "Oh that's typical of an Alfiq"
by Cleanlaundry April 24, 2018
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