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'akshaay' In hindu terminology "god of sex" ... need i say more ?!?! cute, smart plus very romantic male, easy to get along with, Is stupid time to time never the less smart also. From hindu god Akshaay also means everlasting or never ending!! ladies wanting a long relationship (marriage) get yourself an akshaay.

oohhhh akshaay bless us with some sexxxyyyy timmesss.

akshaay u da Bomb in everything. Awesome in every way with a huge dick and some ginormous balls, able to pleasureeee everyyy womaaaaan sexually.
'akshaay' a person; to call their name and then completely ignore them, leaving them in a state of confusion.
girl1: "I think that I need a akshaay now to satisfy me"

girl2: "yeah i bet he did. hes so goddamn great in bed"
girl3: “aaaaah akshaaaay aaahh aaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakshaaaaaaaaaaaaayy”

'hey john'


'bitch you just got akshaayed!'
by Ayesha Lakdawala March 05, 2015
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