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aksa is a pretty girl whose really loud shes always got something to say and talks non stop. she can be rude and may seem rudebut once she likes you she likes you. shes seems stupid but is actully bare smart and she likes guy who she shouldnt like shes got a loud friendly personality and shed do anything for those she loves
wow aksa is loud
shes such an aksa
by loverainbowsandkittens December 01, 2018
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That really sexy girl who is sooo out of your league but you still like anyway. Shes always smiley but can give killer evils, so watch it ;) and did I mention shes great in bed,
But but shes not a slag, bitch, whore, dog.

Boy 1: Do you know that lass I'm seeing?
Boy 2:(name)? yeah.
Boy 1: yeah shes such an Aksa
Boy 2: Nice
by sexy bitch 44:p May 18, 2011
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