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A cool ass motherfucker. You look at him, and you think "what a cool motha'fucka!" Nah on the reals, this man will bring out your inner child if you chill with him long enough. He'll bug you until you accept him as your friend, and won't settle for less. A conceded bitch tho, very apathetic at times. But in the end it's worth dealing with the bullshit.
WOW! What an AKEIL!
oh you know that bad bitch? Yeah she was chilling with AKEIL!
by MercRaider64 December 08, 2013
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A giraffe-like human being that is often found being bullied by his comrades. His constant affinity for bananas make his giraffe origins questionable, raising the possibility that he may be half gorrila. Though his elevated height gives him the appreance of a baller, this wannabe athlete lives in constant pursuit of being associated with BIG BALLER BRAND.
Man 1: "Hey did you go to the zoo this weekend?"
Man 2: "Yeah I went to the Akeil exhibit and saw him eating a banana"
by The giraffe man October 25, 2017
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