While many people believe "ajumma" is simply a Korean word for a "middle aged woman" or "madam," everyone who lives inside believes the myth that there are actually 3 genders existent in Korea: male, female, and ajumma. The female, in a marriage, is usually reborn to be an ajumma, although a very impolite women can be referred as and eventually turn into an ajumma. Females have long hair and males have short hair, while ajummas have permed hair just like our grandmothers. Their physical strength surpass that of females'. When they gather, they brag about their children to each other and down talk behind their husbands' back. Females are pretty, ajummas are scary and they are closer to a male than a female in many ways.
"Hey why is there a lady... i mean an ajumma crossing a red light? did she even finish the dishes yet?"
by haveacheeseburger September 7, 2011
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