A poor substitute for not joining the military. Essentially its people fantasizing that their soldiers, running around in tactical gear and camo with realistic looking guns that fire BBs. Attracts frustrated special forces wannabes and war geeks who will do anything to wear camo. They go to great lengths to get the same gear that the "big boys" use.
Airsoft player: No, you didn't get me. I was behind that barrel.

SEAL team member: Sorry kid, but if I were firing my real M4 instead of this toy, you'd be dead. Steel barrels can't stop 5.56 rounds. Better luck next time...
by The Truth Hurts, deal with it November 29, 2006
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Common misconceptions:

Air soft is for people who are too afraid to play paintball!

Truth: first of all, some people may be, some people may not be. I for one am not afraid to play paintball, and neither are my friends and I'm a teenager. You don't know every air softer in the world! And also all these paintballers who bash air soft for not hurting as much, what are you, emo? I don't want to be badly bruised all day! Shut up, emo paintballer!

Air soft guns are used because you won't buy a real gun!

Truth: Who the fuck wants to go and buy a real gun which you have to buy real expensive ammo for and go and shoot fucking targets all day?! That is boring as fuck! I would much rather go to an arena with a replica gun and some gear and shoot the fuck out of my friends and people I don't know and have a blast and everyone makes it out OK.

Air soft is for military wannabe's, nerds, people who are too afraid to play paintball, and military rejects!

Truth: I don't want to be in the military nor am I old enough so saying I am a military wannabe is just wrong. Not all air softers are nerds, once again, you do not know every air softer in the world, lots of them are chill dudes. Paintball hurts like a mofo and i don't get why people brag about that. It is just stupid how much it hurts but I'm not afraid to play it so that is also a false claim. Then military rejects, some players who were rejected from service may be, but 99% of them are not or not even old enough to join.

Air softer 1: Hey, lets go play some air soft today in our local cqb arena!

Air softer 2: Good idea! i just got a new KWA m4! Should be fun!

Fag air softer: Wow look at those cool guns! mommy I want one! I want to be just like soap from call of duty mommy!

Milsim fag: Wow way to be faggots how about you come and face my team because were so cool and we look like the rangers but were really just rejects!

Paint baller: Wow way to have guns that don't hurt like hell! I'm going to go play paintball because I'm a man and i love to hurt myself!

Real gun owner: Wow pussies go buy a real gun and come sit still and shoot at a target all day!

Air softer 1: Wow all these people are retarded lets leave.

Air softer 2: Yeah, its just our hobby, don't make a big deal out of it!
by The person who is right 12534 October 23, 2011
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One of the best sports ever created. Takes more creativity than paintball. It can be fast or slow paced. 3 main differences between airsoft and paintball: 1. It hurts less but you will still know if you are hit. So in airsoft being hit is under the honor system. 2. You can play airsoft 2 days in a row. With paintball you would have too many bruises to actually want to play 2 days. 3. Airsoft guns are much more realistic.
Airsoft is better than paintball in some perspectives just as paintball is better than airsoft in other perspectives.
by jacob747 September 19, 2011
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A sport in which more mature fuckers play with fucking bb guns that fire frone auto to bolt action. U play by honors and not by annoying paint.
Takes more maturity to play airsoft than paintball!
by Jipper August 22, 2003
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Ok, Here's the deal with airsoft. Basically, it is for people who decided that paintball wasn't 'real' enough so they outsourced poor quality guns from China ( Places like FAUX AIRSOFT will charge you plenty of money, even though these guns will malfunction on you more than any paintball gun)

Airsoft is LARPING. Bunch of 13 year old to 40 year old virgins who either A.) want to join military and KILL but they are too young B.) Were actually in the military but never saw combat, so they attempt to relive some glory that they never actually saw . ( Seriously, what veteran who has actually seen combat, blood and death, is going to want to pretend he's doing the same thing by shooting plastic BB's at 12 year old boys) Or, C.) 30 something virgins who have never been in the military, nor seen a pair of tits in their life.

Airsofters like to think they are tough by buying over priced replica gear of what real military units use. The reality is airsoft 'ops' consist of 30 year old has-beens ordering aroudn 14 year olds like they have some sort of authority. Not to mention airsoft runs on the 'honor' system and you cannot tell if you've shot, or been shot unless you are within a very close range. Airsoft does nothing but brainwash youth into the military industrial complex... Plus, it's just kind of gay.
Airsoft player: TANGO DOWN, 1.5 clicks!

other airsoft player: I SHOT YOU! call your hits!

airsoft player: NO I SHOT YOU!

* two airsofters have anal sex in the woods*
by christhimself March 04, 2012
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Airsoft is a game that not many people play or have even heard of. The majority of players use plastic gun replicas that fire .12g or .2g plastic ball bearings (bbs). It is possible for different weights but those are by far the most common. The people that actually play airsoft (no, I’m not talking about the ones who just like to mess around with the guns) are usually the quiet kids in JROTC that look at guns on the internet in their spare time and want to join the army so they can shoot someone with a real firearm.

Now for a quick physics lesson. Many people say "well, airsoft fields generally allow 400-550 fps and paintball fields only allow up to 300 fps.” That statement means absolutely nothing. Well as a matter of fact it does mean something; it proves that paintballs hurt much more.

This is the average force of an airsoft pellet assuming its a .2 gram bb traveling at 400 feet per second (although many airsoft guns can’t even shoot that fast).

Force = mass X acceleration

.2 grams = 0.0002 kilograms
400 feet = 121.92 meters

F = .0002 X 121.92
F = .024384 N

This is the average paintball force assuming we are using a 3.185 gram paintball (the average weight) shooting at 300 feet per second.

3.18500 grams = 0.003185 kilograms
300 feet = 91.44 meters

F = .003185 X 91.44
F = .2912364 N

So what does all this crap mean? It means that the average paintball has roughly 12x more force than an airsoft pellet traveling 100 fps faster. You can make a fair assumption based on those facts that the average paintball will hurt 12x more than a pretty fast airsoft pellet. Still don’t believe me? Well then think of it this way… what bullet would do more damage, a .22 caliber bullet or a .50 caliber bullet? Oh and airsoft pellets loose velocity much faster than paintballs, I’ll spare everyone from those equations.
Airsoft is just a sport that no one really plays. But its cheaper than paintball so it must be better, right?
by andrewmc91 April 28, 2006
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A "sport" for people who are too afraid, young, or cheap to play Paintball. Airsoft involves shooting small 6mm plastic BB's out of a cheaply made (usually also plastic) Chinese made gun. Airsoft players tend to try and find reasons why Airsoft is better than Paintball, when really they are backing themselves on false claims so they can feel better about themselves. Many Airsoft players are in the 10-12 year age group. One common claim Airsoft players make is that Airsoft BB's fly much farther than Paintballs. This is a clear example of the ignorance of an Airsoft player, they do not understand that it takes a well made piece of precision engineering to launch a Paintball 150 feet accurately. While any Chinese nobody can create an Airsoft gun that easily can shoot over 200 feet.

Before the explosion of cheap Chinese Airsoft guns, an Airsoft player could expect to pay $200-$300 for an entry level gun, which is roughly the same as an entry level Paintball gun.
Person1: Hey man wanna go paintballing today? Its an awesome day for some woodsball.

person2: No way man my mom says I'm not allowed to Paintball, how about some Airsoft in my backyard instead?

Person1: Why am I still friends with you?
by junits15 February 28, 2011
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