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another word for airsoft, usually said by paintball fags
bob "hey bill why is airshit so much better than paintball?"
bill "because only faggots play paintball"
by sexyrapistguy February 19, 2010
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What happens when it feels like you've got to take a big shit but when you sit on the toilet you just let out a massive fart.

Not to be confused with Airship.
Oh man I just took the biggest airshit.
by johnny blaze69 February 21, 2008
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To fart; to shit only in the form of a gas. To pass gas but no solid matter. A term coined by myself and whose credit is stolen by my girlfriend.
Someone just air shited all over this room.
by Chris W H January 09, 2007
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this is a fart that smells so bad that it causes uncontrollable physical reactions like gaging and throwing up.
Man his air shit today was so bad that I had to get him to pull over so that I could puke!
by mustache ride giver February 27, 2010
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just another word for fart. created on feb. 4, 2007. be jealous.
dude, did you just airshit in my car?!
by kumi krazy February 05, 2007
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