Niggas ain’t shit don’t even need a damn definition
Jasmine: bitch ongod niggas ain’t shit James cheated on me again bitch
by Dessie123 May 31, 2019
It means a dude you thought was down for you just broke you into a million pieces, the one you thought you was rockin wit stopped rockin, that light in your life shut off, your forever found an endin....why cause the dude ain got no heart the only thing he into is a thrill and once that thrill chill he bouncin ain’t no stopping him....😴🐍
1: What’s wrong, hun?
2: He hurt me man
1: Man that’s cause nighas on some wack shit
2:Maybe you right
1:Damn right I’m right dammit niggas ain’t shit!!
by A girl💙 December 14, 2018
something to say when the person you’re talking to doesn’t have anything else to say,it was popularized on tiktok after Nicki Minaj’s “Yikes
“you make no sense
“it’s quiet ain’t no backtalk”
by malislovs December 14, 2020
Something to say when describing something difficult or hard
John: Dang that test was so hard

Hayden: Well you know what they say, mommin’ ain’t easy!
by Garry fisuremen December 14, 2018
It means that you hoes ain’t shit and will never be shit cause y’all some hoooessssss
“Damn she already fuckin with 3 niggas,man bitches ain’t shit
by Yaniggatony July 19, 2019
Niggas Ain’t Shit. They aren’t worthy of your time queen. Keep your head up.
Niggas ain’t shit . Broke ass mf . Leave him for a rich white man .
by imtooprettyforyou July 17, 2020
You say this to your friend when they say they’re gonna do something savage.
Another way of saying “You ain’t down” .
Friend: I’m about throw this pencil at the teacher!
You: You ain’t cut..
by SlydeXXX December 2, 2017