A cheat provider with VAC detected cheats
A: "I just bought aimware for CS:GO"
B: "Wow, you'll get VAC banned soon with it."
by 1swaggydude March 8, 2016
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I've made the worst mistake in my life... I injected aimware on my main.
by xbum May 6, 2018
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A hacking community that specializes in many cheats for games. Most famous in CS:GO.

The community is cancerous, autistic, and is the commonwealth for cheaters.
Gay hacker dude.

by Whom is it March 15, 2016
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A cancerous company specializing in spreading autism in the CS:GO hacking community and other games. If you see one of them being beaten, they are probably using aimware.
Dude, did you see that aimware kid had to use AA in causal yet we still beat him?
by Whom is it March 7, 2016
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Shitty european cheat providers with yearly updates on their csgo cheat. Overpriced and dog shit. Make sure to chargeback on paypal.
"i just raped an aimware user"
"Dude! aimware cant even tap legits."
by SujeetLuver69 October 18, 2019
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Shit cheat coded by an autistic fat polish fuck that can’t resolve a shitty rat paste. Mostly used by new people to hvh.
-That cunts dumping ayyware!
-He's using aimware that's why.
by d33p_UwU October 11, 2020
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