phrase said at the end of a conversation to determine the point that a person understands what the plan is.
bro1: dude are we getting wasted tonight?

bro2: yeah man i hear brandon is having something.

bro1: ok, lets get some beer and get over there!

bro2: aight den!
by bromontana179010 February 20, 2010
1. Slang for 'alright then', probably popularized by the movie SlingBlade

2. Term of acceptance in response to an offer or statement

(may be spelled with any number of 'i's, as in "aiight den" or "aiiight den")
1. 'Would you like some french fries?'
Aight den, reckon I would... I like french-fried 'taters & mustard, mmm-hmmm"

2. 'Wanna go to the store with me?'
"Aight den"
by SeeOurWrecks December 4, 2003
Translates into: Okay Then or I'll see u later.
"Say Imma hit u up lata iight?"

"Aight den"
by Auaine November 26, 2003