4 definitions by bromontana179010

a person at a party that is wasted off nothing more than rum itself.
bro1: dude check out matt.

bro2: yeah man he's been sippin' on rum all night.

bro1: yeah i know man, he's like a fuckin' pirate

bro2: he's a jolly roger.
by bromontana179010 February 20, 2010
a phrase used to describe a person at a party who tries to start drama, fight people, say gay things to other guys, or just makes an ass of himself.
bro1: dude johnny is downstairs trying to fight everyone and he told me that i was the sexiest man alive......

bro2: he's "That Guy" tonight
by bromontana179010 February 20, 2010
Occurs when you are walking through the mall parking lot back to your car and a car slowly follows you so they can get your spot.
bro1: dude where did we park?

bro2: why is that car following us bro?

bro1: dude dont worry they're just spot creepin'.

bro2: oh i can figgadeal that mad hard.

bro1: chyeeaaah!

(get in car pull out of spot, and car following pulls into said parking spot)
by bromontana179010 February 20, 2010
phrase said at the end of a conversation to determine the point that a person understands what the plan is.
bro1: dude are we getting wasted tonight?

bro2: yeah man i hear brandon is having something.

bro1: ok, lets get some beer and get over there!

bro2: aight den!
by bromontana179010 February 20, 2010