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raging alcoholic, tendency to score arabian emos, wears goggles often, loves people called wendy, vicky, sarah and tiffaney. highly dislikes dickfaces called "dillon" or "dicklin" ...or steve..who she probably is scoring as i type.
Dicklin: "where's aifric?"

Dillon: "scoring steve probably"

Dicklin: "yeh, or getting mad drunk with goggles, probably arabian"

Dillon: "ahh frick!"

Dicklin"oh dillon, u make me peedle my panties u homo u"

Dillon: "lets make love"

Dicklin: "yes, lets follow in the steps of aifric"
by lordofthearabiangoggles August 16, 2008
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dopey. tendency to score numerous boys in the space of five minutes and spread syphillus. has nice hair. has strange fetish for dicklins...or dillon...
boy: i got syphillus last night

girl: no doubt you were with an aifric
by lordofthearabiangoggless September 02, 2008
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