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A guy on the internet that rage quits when things dont go his way. Specifically in League of Legends. He then finds other games and pretends to be happy. Other games tend to be ones where you can't really lose such as SWTOR.
That kid such an aidkin, he lost a game of league and broke is hand punching the wall. He then started playing swtor and killed himself a day later ha ha...
by kzGod May 26, 2017
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A young male who believes that every hole is a goal and has a quick temper. Rages at all games which you can lose at and will often go silent after a period of raging. Can be found on games such as Fortnite or League of Legends until they get too disturbed then they will play games they can not lose at such as SWTOR.
That kid is such and aidkin he just threw his hand though his PC and now is trying to play an RPG.
by ItsByteMe June 08, 2018
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