chinese exclamation of frustration, annoyance, anger, etc.
similar to d'oh, oh crap, ah shit, damn it, oops, etc.
if you spill a can of soda pop on your keyboard say "ai ya", instead of d'oh.
by normers January 12, 2006
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like whoa, dude, what is going on?
or just
whoa, dude.
ai ya! jackie!
by Evanezer April 18, 2003
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This Chinese(mainly Cantonese dialect) exclamation generally used at the end of a sentence to express frustration, trouble, and empathy. When used by non-Chinese speakers, this sounds completely ugly and dumb. Refrain from using this expression if the preceding sentence is NOT in Chinese or risk sounding like a lame wannabe.
There can be no suitable example for "ai ya" when translated in English, I will not bother.
by Your Teacher April 15, 2008
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Also spelt (aiya) - It is a Nigerian (probably used in some other West African countries too) "word" phrase used to express commiseration, pity or concern when someone suffers any kind of misfortune.
Example 1:
John: I just found out I did not pass the Navy Seal test
Doe: Ai ya! May be you try again next time.

Example 2:
Karen: I missed the school bus this morning, so I could not seat for the Math test.
Linda: Ai ya! So what are you going to do, speak to the teacher about it?
by 9JaRee August 10, 2021
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