An absolute god. Just like the greatest human alive. Not really good with words tho. Some people call them Kelly Oubre Jr.
by retxedjag June 6, 2020
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The laugh that a BR (Brazilian) player makes. It is also tacked onto the end of statements that are sarcastic and/or are statements that Brazilian players are often associated in making.

Smaller "ahue" laughs are often made to satire BR players. While longer strains of "ahue"s are often made to emphasize the irritability of a BR laugh.
Example of a short strain of "ahue": "I accidentally forgot to heal you while you were dying. Ahue."

Example of a long strain of "ahue": "i pwnt u nub AHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUE"
by Makrova September 20, 2011
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When you wanna sneeze and it doesnt happen
by ✵Jellybeans✵ August 3, 2020
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gamal ahul shluki in hebrew means "my house"
a: where are u!?

b: at my gamal ahu shluki!
by mandy April 1, 2005
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A popular expression in the french province of Québec. It means a lot of different things like « hello », « I gotchu » or « ok »
Man 1: wanna smoke?
man 2: ahu let’s get lit
by YoyoLaTups February 13, 2019
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One's emotional state of crying when their dad yells at them after finding out he gave rides to his friends but forgot to take 5 riyals for the petrol
Ariful you dad will scold you, ahu ahu
by Agelesswhiz November 23, 2021
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