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Ahtziry is a the definition of a person that will try not to gave up. She is very strong with her relationship. she is emotional when it comes to something about life. You might sometimes think she is funny and Crazy. She loves to keep her relationships positive and happy. She loves to smile and have fun. She is very caring for other. She hates giving up relationships. She love cats so much. Be careful with her cuz she can get pretty mad at people that talk shit about someone she cares yeah. This is just me describing myself. She has so much problems in her life but she tries to get over them. She likes making new friends everyday and she loves meeting new people. If you don't know me then she is rude, mean, and don't care of who you are but if you know her then she tries to keep a strong relationship (as friends). She gets mad pretty quick. She is rude. She will talk shit. She is pretty. She is who she wants to be. She is beautiful and a good friend. This is Ahtziry and I am just describing myself because I have no definition so I did one for myself.. haha ..byyyyeee
Ahtziry is nice, and ahtziry is caring for other😂
by Hi,iamme May 29, 2018
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