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a combination of angry and annoyed. now as angry as angry, but a little more annoyed than annoyed.
"why do you have to get aggster at me all the time?"
"sorry, you know i get frustrated when this happens"
by louise(: July 10, 2008
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a less formal way of saying angry or irritated, this phrase 'aggster' expresses a feeling of anger, ironically in a less angry way. it could be angry at a specific event, however irritated could be a better definition of the word. can often be shortened to 'aggy'
adding -ster can also be used on other words such as

chubster (chubby- a person who is chubster)
grottster (describing something as grottster)
person 1, "why are you so aggster today?"
person 2, "ah, claire is really p***ing me off at the moment!"

"you make me so aggster sometimes!"
by lmw124 November 10, 2009
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