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Agapee (ah-gah-pee) is the correct pronunciation of Greek word άγάπη, which is one of the many Greek words for love.

Agapee is a sacrificial love, the kind that one has for one's God, one's country, and one's family.

In Classical Greek culture (as well as in many others, past and present) agapee is considered the love on has for one's spouse, a love which is not dependent on what one 'feels' or even how good of a spouse a one is. Agapee is considered the type of love that holds families together. Sexual attraction is alleged to eventually stop in a marriage, but agapee love, which is more than a feeling—it is an idea—holds them together stronger than any emotion ever could.

Agapee is the Greek word for love used in the Christian New Testament (Corinthians 13, as well as other passages) referring to God's love of mankind and the Church (referred to as the Bride of Christ) as well as man's reciprocated love of God, and one's fellow man.

In the New Testament Gospels, Jesus (who is called Christ) is attributed with saying "what greater show of love (agapee) is there than this: that one would lay down His life for His friends."
Today in seminary, we had learned about the concept of agapee love.
by יהוה של δούλος November 18, 2013
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