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She's a loving and sweet person with a sense of humour. She looks out for people and is always there when you need can rely on her as she's a good friend and never hates on anyone.
by Aisha_x February 12, 2017
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A wonderfully amazing person who will always be by you side. She may be underwhelming at first but once you get to know her she will be the best person you’ve ever known. She cares about everything and her life is always interesting. Her kindness is only matched by her intelligence and cleverness.
A: have you met Aeman yet?
B: yeah I have
A: Isn’t she so cool?!
B: totally! I’m so glad I met her.
by Dndnhcjdbsj May 21, 2018
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shes no ordinary girl, she hates it when people get bullied, she makes new friends really quick she also compromises with things shes got she means no harm to anyone unless they do something to her
Aeman couldve of fixed this

Wish Aeman was here it wouldbe

Go Aeman Go Aeman go
by Glitter bloom 123 May 28, 2018
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