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A person who has physically matured to adulthood, yet still behaves like an adolescent.
My brother is 23 yet acts 15, he is such an adultolescent.
by Casca June 03, 2009
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Your young adult roommate/friend who by all rights should be thriving at attempting to make a living in this world, but instead lives in your home and leeches off you constantly. Can't be bothered to find a job, make any money, clean anything or regularly contribute in any meaningful way. Fully expects you to take on the parent role and take care of them because "life is hard" and "its hard to find a job". Doesn't understand bills, cost of food, or responsibility of any kind.

Leech: I applied for a couple jobs a while ago but haven't heard back yet. Did you buy groceries yet? Are you going to make supper?
Me: You are such an adultolescent. Get a job!
by SammieKnowsWhatsUp July 02, 2016
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A person supposedly matured into adulthood but still has no idea what they're really doing.
I'm just and adultolescent! In my world ramen and cereal are the only two food groups...
by itslikeacowmoo March 05, 2013
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