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When an inadvertent right mouse click causes the menu to pop up on an Adobe Flash window, causing the user to lose control of whatever application they were using, as popularized by online chess personality Jerry (ChessNetwork).
Jerry thought he'd finally taken down the wolfman, but then he got hit with an Adobe Flash Gambit and he was done for.
by JohnMatt December 23, 2014
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A seemingly unbounded temporal freeze in the time continuum during a game played using Adobe Flash resulting in discomfort, irritability, and side line research of competitors of the player experiencing this time conundrum. If one waits long enough, the temporal freeze will dislodge itself resulting in the exile of one player and a cornucopia of confetti for the play that had the fortitude and steely resolve to withstand the frustration of not being able to participate in the chess version of the Hunger Games.
1. Alright, double those points! He's not moving? Adobe Flash Gambit land? Oh man, Caparot1 is in the lead. Lets do some research.

2. Alright! The Adobe Flash Gambit! Gimme those points! Back to tournament!
by DarkBastion December 23, 2014
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