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Adewale is a person everyone needs. He'll be there for you. He's amazing at sports. Adewale is a natural leader. He's dedicated and really funny and charming, and deep down he's a real sweetheart. Adewale has a caring heart, and any girl would be extremely lucky to have Adewale . Adewale is handsome and his eyes are gorgeous. He is silly at times, but he knows how to make people smile. He really has a heart of gold. He makes his lady the showcase of his wealth .He's supportive, and he makes all the girls go crazy. He's probably the most likely to leave a string of broken hearts behind when he leaves. Wale doesn't like to hurt your feelings, and he's a world class friend. Ladies love him,Adewale is wealthy and help people a lot

and he's the best guy You can ever know.
Moan: who's that guy talking to Victoria? He's really attractive!;)

Mallory: oh, that's Adewale He's really chill.
by Aduke July 27, 2018
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