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A man (usually black) with an extraordinary body shape, his head is usually enormous in size with a wide, jutting forehead. The arms of an Achatz are thought to be extremely muscular and powerful however an Achatzs arms are actually bulging sacks of fat and puss, at night the arms actually look like pillows with cake mix inside. This is similar to the structure of the legs. An Achatzs core area (stomach) is usually saggy and is the result of countless indulgings of beers and african originated foods. The feet of an Achatz, usually named crusty flapjacks, are known for there extreme stench, they are ginormous in width commonly known for their incredibly similar appearance to bigfoots feet. The toes of the feet on an Achatz are normally broken down due to the effects of weathering, the toenail become jagged and yellow coloured but are as strong as most metals and are capable of breaking most toenail clippers. The mother of an Achatz is defined as a goddess of beauty, she is as beautiful as the intensity of a 1000 burning suns, her beauty is only surpassed by her enormous breast size which over time form the shape of meatballs with incredible thigh-slapping girth.
Oh no look there is an Achatz coming over the hill.
by wizardsleeve2333333 October 19, 2010
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