Sexual maneuver named for the high speed business-class train operated in the eastern corridor by Amtrak. Method preferred by its clientèle for expressing love for a women through a spontaneous and often surprising display of raw power that simultaneously celebrates the innovations of modern technology.

The primary business-class traveler takes up position in the king sized bed of a reputable hotel chain while the client freshens up in the bathroom. Adequately prepared for the meeting, the client makes her way across the room towards the waving business-class traveler. At this point, an additional business associate, given a proper running start, approaches from the side at full speed to deliver a sudden bone-crushing tackle aimed at the client's center of gravity. Executed properly, the collision is a near perfect transfer of power that drills the client to the floor where she is then properly drilled by the business-class traveler while his associate occupies himself with the latest issue of the Financial Times.

"Baby, I love you in a way that regular non-business travelers could not express. Allow me to pleasure you appropriately... *Bitch doesn't see if coming, gets destroyed by the Acela, will understand what the primary business-class traveler meant when she comes to*"
by Gordon Gecko May 12, 2008
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The most weird but nice girl. She probably has a peppa pig obsesión
You:Omg why does that girl has a peppa pig shirt she’s so weird

Me: she’s totally an Acela
by Kool aid milk man October 22, 2020
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Acela Corridor Galaxy Brains is a phrase coined by the renowned economist and scholar in Sino-US-Europe study Christopher Balding to refer to people from Boston to the DC along the east coast who have never left their towns such as Cambridge, the borough of Brooklyn, or Georgetown but think they know enough to run the world such as journos or tankies. Acela is the "high speed" train line with a top speed around 90 mph for brief stretches.
China, with Acela Corridor Galaxy Brains' assistance, is pushing this nonsensical line that "let's repair the relationship but not talk about anything of importance."
by hongz February 12, 2021
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