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Noun (n)- an individual that has a fluid and/or rapidly changing sexuality that fluctuates between different sexualities
I used to not feel comfortable defining myself as one sexuality, and then I learned about abrosexuals
by Dictionary User June 19, 2015
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Abrosexual is when a person’s sexual orientation changes fluidly. One day you may identify as pansexual, and then another few days identify as bisexual, and so on with other sexual orientations. Some people believe that Abrosexuals do not exist, but they are wrong. Abrosexuality is also not something you chose. It might take a while to figure out that you identify as abrosexual, but if you realise you do, don’t worry, you are completely valid.
Person 1: “Sometimes you say you are gay, other times you are bi, or pan, or something else. What are you?”
Person 2: “I’m abrosexual. My sexual orientation is fluid. What All of th orientations I told you I am, I am. Just not all the same time and they change a lot.”
by LGBTBoi August 13, 2018
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A type of bisexuality where one's preferences change frequently. An abro might be exclusively attracted to boys one day, and then girls only another. It's not a choice, but it's not a separate orientation, like pansexuality, it is a type of bisexuality.
A: Would you ever date Robyn?
B: No, I'm not really into girls right now.
A: I thought you were bi?
B: Yeah, but I'm also abrosexual.
A: Oh
by BiNotQueer May 08, 2019
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Something people say they are when they want to blame their habit of constantly ruining their relationships on a "sexuality" when in reality, they're afraid of commitment and usually either heterosexual and want to feel included (in something they have no place being included in) or of a valid sexuality and just have made bad relationship choices and want to blame them on a fake sexuality.
She said "I finally found a sexuality that describes exactly why *ex's name* and I broke up. I'm abrosexual. It means my sexuality is fluid and constantly changing so I'm just not attracted to people of *ex's name*'s gender right now."

"Yeah, I found a word that describes that perfectly! Afraid of commitment and not willing to take responsibility for your own shitty relationship choices!"
by theonlyactualqueerprobably January 12, 2017
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